Kathy Sena

Kathy Sena

Content Marketing Writer & Editor

Kathy Sena is a content marketing writer and editor focusing on consumer, automotive, social media, real estate, lifestyle and health issues. Former Consumer Reports social media reporter.

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Woman's Day

Woman's Day: Get Organized — Fast! — for Fall

Forget January. For many of us, fall feels like the time for a fresh start.

Declutter garage article

Nationwide In the Nation: Declutter Your Garage

Give this neglected space an organizational makeover – and make enough room to park, too.

Reduce utility bills article

Nationwide In the Nation: Reduce Your Summer Utility Bills in 7 Steps

Utility costs can be a real drain on the family budget. Try these energy-saving tips to ease the pain so you can get back to the pleasures of summer.

Your summer beauty problems solved! article

Unilever Operation In Touch: Your Summer Beauty Problems — Solved!

Expert tips on makeup and hair for those heat-induced beauty troubles.

Fcsd carcollege a 1024x576 article

MyFord Magazine: Inheriting Your Parents' Car for College? Read This

It’s a bit more complicated than just taking the keys and heading off to freedom.

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Consumer Reports: 8 ways to protect your kids on social networks

Online social networks can be great virtual gathering places for teens and tweens, but also pose some real risks.

55 start q a hero 1024x576 article

MyFord Magazine: Game Time

Using video-game-like simulations, Ashley Micks, Ph.D. is reshaping the future of driving.

Save money ac article

Nationwide In the Nation: Save Money and Energy on Air Conditioning

Keep those summer electricity bills from going through the roof

Na 0514 increasevalue article

Nationwide In the Nation: 6 Easy Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

These quick fixes can help you get your asking price.

53 start best of friends hero 1024x576 article

MyFord Magazine: Best of Friends

A photographer and his loyal companion take an F-150 to Moab, Utah.

Steve and donna bryant 1 hero 1024x576 article

MyFord Magazine: The Five-Ford Farm

Meet Donna and Steve Bryant: Farmers, artists, business people—and owners of a fleet of red Ford vehicles.

Original article

USAA Magazine: Cashing In on Crafts

As a military spouse living in Okinawa, Japan, in early 2012, Nicole O’Brien wanted to create a business that would boost the family income, allow for flexibility with her young children’s schedule and — a biggie — be portable enough to work no matter where her husband’s assignments took them.

Imgres article
USAA magazine

USAA Magazine: 4 Tips to Make Your Social Profile Employer-Friendly

Nearly two in five companies now use social media sites to research job candidates, according to a nationwide survey. Here's how to make yourself stand out — in the right way — when someone Googles your name.

949573 how i did it i helped my son establish credit article
USAA magazine

USAA Magazine: How I Helped My Son Establish Credit

David Blyar created a plan to help his son, Esteban, build a credit rating in just nine months.  

Fcsd ac 590x306 article

MyFord Magazine: 7 Ways to Keep Your Car Chill This Summer

Ford Senior Master Technician Jim Twitchell answers some common AC questions —because sunny-day driving shouldn’t make you sweat.