Kathy Sena

Kathy Sena

Content Marketing Writer & Editor

Kathy Sena is a content marketing writer and editor focusing on consumer, automotive, social media, real estate, lifestyle and health issues. Former Consumer Reports social media reporter.

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Declutter garage article

Nationwide In the Nation: Declutter Your Garage

Give this neglected space an organizational makeover – and make enough room to park, too.

Fcsd carcollege a 1024x576 article

MyFord Magazine: Inheriting Your Parents' Car for College? Read This

It’s a bit more complicated than just taking the keys and heading off to freedom.

Open uri20130105 22305 cl4skp article
Woman's Day

Woman's Day: Get Organized — Fast! — for Fall

Forget January. For many of us, fall feels like the time for a fresh start.

6a00d83451e0d569e20115721bc9c6970b 800wi article

Consumer Reports: 8 ways to protect your kids on social networks

Online social networks can be great virtual gathering places for teens and tweens, but also pose some real risks.

Save money ac article

Nationwide In the Nation: Save Money and Energy on Air Conditioning

Keep those summer electricity bills from going through the roof

Na 0514 increasevalue article

Nationwide In the Nation: 6 Easy Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

These quick fixes can help you get your asking price.

55 start q a hero 1024x576 article

MyFord Magazine: Game Time

Using video-game-like simulations, Ashley Micks, Ph.D. is reshaping the future of driving.

53 start best of friends hero 1024x576 article

MyFord Magazine: Best of Friends

A photographer and his loyal companion take an F-150 to Moab, Utah.

Steve and donna bryant 1 hero 1024x576 article

MyFord Magazine: The Five-Ford Farm

Meet Donna and Steve Bryant: Farmers, artists, business people—and owners of a fleet of red Ford vehicles.

Your summer beauty problems solved! article

Unilever Operation In Touch: Your Summer Beauty Problems — Solved!

Expert tips on makeup and hair for those heat-induced beauty troubles.

Original article

USAA Magazine: Cashing In on Crafts

As a military spouse living in Okinawa, Japan, in early 2012, Nicole O’Brien wanted to create a business that would boost the family income, allow for flexibility with her young children’s schedule and — a biggie — be portable enough to work no matter where her husband’s assignments took them.

Imgres article
USAA magazine

USAA Magazine: 4 Tips to Make Your Social Profile Employer-Friendly

Nearly two in five companies now use social media sites to research job candidates, according to a nationwide survey. Here's how to make yourself stand out — in the right way — when someone Googles your name.

949573 how i did it i helped my son establish credit article
USAA magazine

USAA Magazine: How I Helped My Son Establish Credit

David Blyar created a plan to help his son, Esteban, build a credit rating in just nine months.  

Fcsd ac 590x306 article

MyFord Magazine: 7 Ways to Keep Your Car Chill This Summer

Ford Senior Master Technician Jim Twitchell answers some common AC questions —because sunny-day driving shouldn’t make you sweat.

Fall 2014   download page 001 2 article

JWM Magazine: The Pampered Traveler

Whether you're traveling to see the sites or seal the deal, spa treatments offer pampering, rejuvenation — and even a bit of local culture